Gluten-free bread does not have to taste like dry cardboard.  Give some of these a try!

How to Order

To take advantage of these delicious deals, please call or email us with your order information.

Orders are picked-up by appointment only.  There is a $10.00 charge for local delivery.

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  • Buttermilk Loaf

    Price: $8/9x4 loaf

    Description: A nice white sandwich bread.  Also makes great toast or french toast.  Refrigerate or freeze extra servings after the first day.

  • Soft Dinner Rolls

    Price: $9/dozen

    Description: Your guests will love these dinner rolls, even if they don't need to eat gluten-free.  It's hard to eat just one!

  • Orange Cornbread

    Price: $10/8x8 square

    Description: Do you like cornbread with soup on a cold night?  Have it with butter, honey, or jam.  Sound yummy?

  • Biscuits

    Price: $7.50/half dozen

    Description: These biscuits are great toasted, with butter or jelly.  Enjoy them as a hamburger bun or for sandwiches.  Or serve them as traditional biscuits and gravy.