About Senza Gluten-Free Foods

Senza is a home-based gluten-free baking business in Columbia, MO. "Senza" means "without" in Italian (I was familiar with the word through my music background). I hope to convey the meaning as "without gluten", but not without great taste! My family and friends have always enjoyed the gluten-free desserts I have prepared, even if they didn’t have to eat them because of celiac disease.

I want to share that with others who are new to celiac disease and don’t know where to begin, their friends who want to invite them to dinner but don't know what to make, or celiacs who don't have the time to prepare homemade treats for themselves. If one day Senza becomes a commercial operation, you may see my products in local grocery stores and on menus at local restaurants. Let me know how you feel about that!

About Me

I am a music teacher, not a doctor, food scientist, or even a professional chef. There are literally thousands of websites with information about celiac disease and its many symptoms. Please enter "celiac disease" into Google or your favorite search engine and you will find lots of information. If you have come to my website, I hope you’re looking for something delicious to eat!

I do not have celiac disease, but my husband does, and I have been doing gluten-free baking for him since 1993. At that time, there were not nearly as many resources available as there are today through the internet, the public library, and local grocery stores and book stores.

As customers request additional options (such as dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, etc.), I continue to research available products and learn more information.

Mary Manulik

Owner: Mary Manulik