Gluten Free Foods - Taste is the Focus

Senza means "without" in Italian. It does not mean "without taste" in this case but rather "without gluten". Senza provides mouth-watering gluten-free foods to people in and near Columbia, MO with gluten-free needs and those without. No longer do you have to make the sacrifice of taste to accomplish the gluten free status.

Preparing a family dinner or cooking for friends with gluten-free needs is made effortless with the items found here. Formed and fashioned by owner/operator Mary Manulik, Senza products are created with over 18 years of gluten-free cooking experience. Please explore further to see our scrum-diddly-umptious gluten-free products (yes, we said it, scrum-diddly-umptious).

Be sure to check out our "What's Baking Today" section for the very freshest gluten free baked goods!  And to take advantage of these delicious deals, please call or email us with your order information.  Orders are picked-up by appointment, or we'll deliver directly to you for only $10.  (Local deliveries only).

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Gluten Free Foods

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is a serious concern for anyone preparing gluten-free foods. To this end, we keep separate cooking and baking pans, utensils, counter-top appliances, and work surfaces in my house. Anyone mixing wheat flour has to work on a counter in the garage, since flour can stay in the air for hours and contaminate other surfaces.

To eliminate cross-contamination among my gluten-free ingredients, I use separate measuring spoons and cups for each ingredient.

Why not treat yourself to one of our delicious, fresh-baked, gluten free breads, cookies, cakes or pies, today?
  • Columbia Farmer’s Market

    As a producer-only market, everything sold at the Columbia Farmer’s Market is offered by the farmers and artisans who help sustain the culture, economy, and environment of our region. Please help local artisans such as Senza establish the local economy.

  • Order Ahead and Pick Up

    Is a once week Farmer’s Market visit not enough Senza for you? We understand and we have a solution! Order your favorite treats online and schedule a pick up anytime during the week. You can also call us at 573.489.5468 to chat about the process.

  • Gluten-Free Kitchen Guaranteed

    The Senza kitchen and all of the cooking utensils within it have no contact with gluten products – 100% of the time, guaranteed. This is the difference between enjoyable, worry-free meals and fretting over allergic reactions. We all want peace of mind, allow us to help.